Adapted apprenticeships needed – MP

Yesterday in parliament a Worcester MP called on the government to back the creation of specially adapted apprenticeships for disabled people. Robin Walker told the Commons:”I was interested to hear some comments from the skills minister recently about the possibilities of adapted apprenticeship frameworks for people with particular disabilities and learning difficulties.ā€

He went on to include autistic people in the group that needed greater help to get into learning schemes that may lead to employment down the line.

Work and Pensions secretary Stephen Crabb was broadly supportive of the idea, he said: ā€œI am sure autism will be one of the aspects that we consider,” before pointing out that the growing number of those diagnosed with autism ā€“ as well as other health issues – demanded a response that took into account peopleā€™s special needs.

“The scale of the challenge is demonstrated by the forecasts, and by the way our demographics are changing. More and more of us of working age will be living with some kind of health condition in the future that will need to be managed for us to stay healthy in work. Around 12 million people of working age are already living with at least one long-term condition, and that figure is forecast to rise.”

The number of disabled people in apprenticeships tripled in ten years to 2014.