Sage UK holds apprenticeship open day

Software giant Sage has hailed its latest Apprentice Open Day as further proof of the company’s commitment to developing the skills of local people and offering genuine career paths for all

Friday 3 June saw a sizable crowd arrive at Sage’s HQ in Gosforth, a suburb of Newcastle. The day was open to anyone interested in a range of training schemes. Sage’s track record with apprentices is impressive, having taken on 56 in 2015. The company says that many have already secured permanent roles, while others look to enter their second year of the apprenticeship scheme. Positions are available in key areas of the business including customer services, HR, IT, product development and sales.


‘Giving back to the community’

Kerry Willumsen, Sage’s director of resource and talent for Europe, said: “I believe that apprentices are a real asset to our business and the local economy.

“Apprenticeships enable Sage to give back to the community and give young people from the local area key skills at the very beginning of their working lives with a structured learning and mentoring platform upon which to build their future career.

“Our programme also supports the future of British business by growing the skills and experience of the next generation of workers to ensure we have the right skills and experience within the UK to support our economy and its growth.

Sage works with key local partners to deliver the training, such as the North East Chamber of Commerce and Baltic Training, which allow the successful applicants to gain recognised qualifications, along with the additional opportunity of gaining a permanent role within the company.