New management apprenticeships to launch

Businesses in the UK currently need to fill 200,000 management roles every year. Achieving that is not always easy, and may explain why the Dept of Business, Innovation and Skills has announced its approval of two new management and leadership trailblazer apprenticeships.

The apprenticeships will focus on two vital management roles: team leader and operations manager roles, and are designed to give employers a broader range of options when it comes to developing staff to take up management positions.

Under the new scheme it is expected that 30,000 new managers will be created in the first year. Crucially, the new schemes were developed by a partnership of 30 employers including Serco and Civil Service Learning.

The scheme is also supported and endorsed by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), and director of strategy Petra Wilton said the launch was good news for employers looking to make the most of their training opportunities.


‘Funding already in place’

“Employers will now have more options to use the forthcoming Apprenticeship Levy funding to invest in professional management development to really drive up productivity,” she said. “The suite of options means that employers can create accredited apprenticeship programmes to develop their next generation of managers, covering both school leavers and existing staff, through to Chartered Manager level.

“And there is no need to wait until April, as the Government will fund up to two-thirds of the costs under the current trailblazer funding.”

Many companies have already begun offering lower level management apprenticeships, while the CMI launched its own Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship last November