Taking the uncertainty out of assessment

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Employers have a number of different options when it comes to assessment, even as the goal remains the same: to determine whether an employee can do the job or task at hand.

Depending on the industry and where the assessment is happening, it might be formal or informal, practical or written. With so much to bear in mind about assessment, what do employers really need to know, and how can they be sure they’re getting it right?

“Concepts around assessment are often detailed and technical,” say the experts at SQA. In a new guide, following on from their whitepaper, SQA explains how to assess effectively by clearly describing the key steps and principles to keep in mind.

This comprehensive but accessible guide includes a series of short, non-technical overviews on some of the essential aspects of assessment, while providing a range of examples on how to proceed.

It also runs through four key principles for effective assessment, and underlines what a good assessment should tell the assessor, so that employers know what they will get from any method they choose.

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