New cyber badge added to Academy

The Tech Partnership has announced a further addition to its Badge Academy. Digital Badges in cyber security and web design will now be available for those interested in adding skills to their existing capabilities.

The new Cyber Detective Badge has been created with Tech Partnership partner Cisco, and is designed to ‘help young people understand how cyber criminals work to attack IT systems, and how threats can be recognised and dealt with.’

The badge is the latest addition to the TechFuture Badge Academy, which was launched last year, and now includes over 30 badges which form part of the global Mozilla Open Badge Project. Badges can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 hours to earn and can be validated by teachers or the learner depending on the course’s content.

Digital badges have already proved popular in the US and are generating international interest. More than 650 organizations from six continents contribute to the Open Badge ecosystem.


‘A chance to gain real insight’

Sue Nieland, Head of Learning at the Tech Partnership, said the feedback from the new badges had been positive from teachers and students alike.

“The badges offer a really great way for young people to gain accreditation for their skills and interests, outside traditional education frameworks. They’re a chance to gain real insight into tech roles and the skills required of them,” she said.