Kellogg’s apprenticeships: they’re grrrreat!

Food giant Kellogg’s is re-opening its apprenticeship scheme, giving youngsters a kick-start to a career in the industry.

The five-year programme will enable apprentices to work at the Manchester factory where some of the company’s best-loved products are made, including Corn Flakes, Frosties, Rice Krispies and Coco Pops.

Students can work towards a range of qualifications, including an NVQ in food manufacturing excellence and a HNC in electrical/mechanical engineering, with great prospects for a successful career in the manufacturing industry at the end.


Variety pack

Kellogg’s apprentice Freya Johnson told the Messenger: “I do a variety of different things each day from using the lathes on the mechanical side to wiring circuits on the electrical side, as well as being taught the theory of engineering.

“People are often surprised when I say I’m doing a manufacturing apprenticeship. It’s always been considered a predominantly male industry, but nowadays more and more girls seem to be taking an interest in it.

“After coming into it not really knowing what to expect I am really enjoying it. It has offered me the opportunity to train and develop my skills as well as creating a career for me to progress in the future.”


Something special

The Manchester factory has run a successful apprenticeship scheme since 1957. The programme was extended last year, and was developed in collaboration with Trafford College. Prospective candidates (aged 16 and over) for this year’s cohort are being invited to apply by 31 March.

Factory director Tony O’Brien said: “We’re looking for a diverse range of enthusiastic people who are excited about a career in the manufacturing industry.

“The factory has been a central part of the local community for more than 75 years, and we’re offering five-year placements to five new apprentices who’ll hopefully stay with us in the decades to come.”