Apprenticeship provider offers compelling stories of success

In preparation for National Apprenticeship Week (14-18 March) provider 3AAA has launched its newest campaign, IAM3AAA.

Focusing on the lives and experiences of apprentices who have thrived in their roles, the campaign is a celebration of apprenticeships and the incredible opportunities they can bring.


Storytelling from peers 

This newest campaign looks into the lives of the company’s apprentices, who tell their stories, where they’ve been, what they’ve learned along the way, and where they hope to be in the future.

Each apprentice has been dedicated a page, which explores their own personal passions, interests and ambitions, which has made them the people they are today.


A chance to win 

Over the course of National Apprenticeship Week fast the company will run a nationwide competition open to young people who attend one of their Apprentice Insight Evenings.

Those who post a picture or status about their experience of the event with the #MakingGreatMemories hashtag, will also be entered into the draw.