Apprentice assessment: are you still getting it right?

Carpenter And Apprentice Installing Luxury Fitted Kitchen

The importance of maintaining standards in apprentice assessment cannot be overstated.

Only while employers are confident that assessments can accurately demonstrate an apprentice’s ability to do the job, wherever and whenever they decide to get to work, can apprenticeships continue to have a positive impact on their industries.

But as educational awarding body SQA explains, maintenance of standards is about more than the ability to respond to any change in industry and regulation – it’s about being able to anticipate and plan for change.

“Standards, assessment and qualifications need to reflect best practice and be fit for purpose,” SQA says.

“They also need to be up to date so those developing and providing standards, assessments and qualifications need to be responsive to changes that occur in a range of areas.”

These areas include new technology and tools, updated or new work practices, changed or new knowledge and legislative and regulatory requirements, which might affect the assessment approach, SQA explains.

In their whitepaper, Quality Assurance and Maintenance, SQA discusses how Trailblazer groups can maintain assessment standards amid such change, and runs through all the quality assurance approaches and components assessors need to make robust assessments.

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