Council gives would-be apprentices a taste of local government life

Young people in East Sussex are being given a snapshot of life as an apprentice, thanks to a week-long council-run taster course.

East Sussex County Council is hosting the course next month to give would-be trainees a glimpse of what it’s like to be an apprentice for a local authority.

Taking place from February 8 to 12, the course includes several days’ on-the-job experience in a council department, alongside an introduction to working in local government and work-related advice and tips such as CV writing and interview skills.


‘Opportunity for a promising career’

Following the 2015 course, East Sussex council took on 14 new apprentices, each of whom is currently being supported towards achieving their qualifications.

Speaking to the Eastbourne Herald, one of last year’s cohort of apprentices, Romalie Ford, said: “The event was really useful because many of us had never even worked before. It provided us with the information that we needed about work and becoming an apprentice, and this helped us to get in the right mindset to start work.

“I am thrilled to now be an apprentice at East Sussex County Council. My apprenticeship is going to open up opportunities I may never have had, and ensure I have the skills to build a promising career in the future.”


New apprenticeships on the way

This year’s taster course will pave the way for a number of new apprenticeships in health and social care or business administration.

East Sussex County Council’s lead member for resources, Cllr David Elkin, added: “Having been fortunate on leaving school to become an apprentice I can really recommend it. I’ve always said that I started my education the day I left school and became an apprentice. It’s the best thing I ever did.

“Apprenticeships offer an opportunity for young people to get relevant, on-the-job experience and get their foot on the first rung of the career ladder, and the work-readiness programme is a great way for them to find out if apprenticeships are right for them.”