Teen business owner too young to leave education hires himself as apprentice

A young entrepreneur has employed himself as an apprentice to get around an education loophole and allow him to run his own business.

At just 17, Ben Towers from Gillingham already has a number of businesses to his name, including a digital media agency and a social media management company. But UK law stipulating that youngsters must stay in education or training at least part-time until they are 18 looked likely to block his ambitious plans.

So, the budding baby-faced businessman decided to hire himself as an apprentice, thereby enabling him to stay in the driving seat, while complying with the rules.

Speaking to ITV, Ben said: “Business is going really well. Since I’ve left school and been my own apprentice I’ve managed to do a lot that I wouldn’t have been able to do.

“I want to be able to grow a business a lot faster and do a lot more things with it, and so I think it’s quite motivating to actually run the business.”

Ben’s business is continuing to thrive. He employs 15 staff and has a client base of 750, success that will soon see him move into new office premises.