The coming apprenticeship revolution: will you be ready?


With the new Trailblazer Apprenticeships, the government is pushing through the most radical reforms to vocational training in living memory in an effort to make apprenticeships more attractive to employers, deliver stronger returns to apprentices and boost the economy.

These changes are huge, so what do they mean for apprenticeship providers and employers? What support do they need to get everything going by 2017/2018?

In this new whitepaper,’s vocational training and assessment experts identify the top 15 changes to curriculum, assessment and funding, and recommend five practical actions you can take to hit the ground running.

“This package of Apprenticeship ‘reforms’ is actually a revolution in the way we deliver training in England. While the changes are generally positive, they also pose the biggest challenges to the world of vocational education, training and assessment for over thirty years,” writes in the whitepaper.

“Huge changes are about to happen, and if they go through, this world will be a very different place within five years.”

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