Government unveils its vision for apprenticeship sector

English Apprenticeships: Our 2020 vision is the latest apprenticeship document to be released by the government, revealing that the public sector will be forced to hire 200,000 more apprentices in the next five years.


Big changes to the apprenticeship sector

Published today (7th December), the Apprenticeship 2020 vision  will force large public sector bodies to employ apprentices – and make sure that they make up at least 2.3 per cent of their workforce – creating an extra 200,000 apprentices by 2020 and forming a key part of plans to deliver three million new apprenticeships over the next five years.

“A nation flourishes when it realises the full potential of its entire people. As a one nation Government, this is what we are committed to achieve,” said business secretary Sajid Javid and education secretary Nicky Morgan in a joint statement.

“Around the world, apprenticeships have long been recognised as a crucial way to develop the skills wanted by employers. That is why the Government will increase the quality and quantity of apprenticeships in England, reaching three million starts in 2020.”


Digital service

The document reveals a number of measures that will be put in place to hit this target. The government will focus its efforts on enshrining the ‘employer-led approach’ which oversee the development and delivery of high quality apprenticeship standards.

BIS intends to establish a new independent body, led by employers – the Institute for Apprenticeships – to regulate the quality of apprenticeships within the context of reaching three million starts in 2020. This body will be made up primarily of employers, business leaders and their representatives, as they look to ensure that apprenticeships will be driven to the highest level.

Keeping with their ambition to put most services online, BIS went into detail about its Digital Apprenticeship Service, explaining that the online portal will support employers to choose an apprenticeship training course, find a candidate and choose a training provider.

All employers will have access to the Digital Apprenticeship Service whether they have contributed to the levy or not.