New name revealed for NIACE and Inclusion merger

A new name has been decided for the collaboration between the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE) and the Centre for Social Inclusion (Inclusion), although it still needs to be approved by board members.


New times ahead

In February, it was revealed that the two groups were joining forces to try and improve the apprenticeship sector.

In September, a joint proposal was sent to government that aimed to get the Conservatives investing ‘‘in widening access to apprenticeships from underrepresented groups and fund employer-led quality initiatives to enhance outcomes for apprentices and businesses.’’

Now that the two organisations have gotten to know each other, a new name for the group has been decided. The Learning and Work Institute has been accepted by NIACE and Inclusion execs, but is still to be approved by general members.


‘Our members are the ones who decide’

Commenting on the decision was NIACE chief executive David Hughes, who has to defend the dropping of the word ‘Adult’ in the new group’s name.

‘‘We are a membership organisation, so our members are the ones who decide on constitutional matters such as a name change,’’ said Hughes.

‘‘Our annual general meeting will be at CityLit, in London, on November 4 and a vote will take place on the proposed new name, which is the Learning and Work Institute.’’

‘‘The issue with adult is that it has been associated, particularly in recent times, with education and training of people over 25.’’

‘‘However, we do a lot of work with young people as well, for example 16 to 21 year-olds on traineeships and apprenticeships. It was felt the new name would sit more comfortably with what we do,’’ continued Hughes, who is set to be named as the joint group’s chief executive.