Give Scotland its fair share of apprenticeship levy, says SNP politician

Callum McCaig, Scottish National Party MP for Aberdeen South, has demanded that David Cameron make assurances that Scotland will receive what it deserves from the apprenticeship tax, with the Prime Minister accusing the SNP of ‘inventing grievances’ before they exist.

‘Pig and poke from one nation government’

During this week’s edition of Prime Minister’s Questions, McCaig projected that when the levy on large businesses comes into force in 2017, Scotland will contribute £391m towards funding 3 million new apprenticeships by 2020, with £146 million of that coming from the public sector.

‘‘As yet there has been no confirmation that a single penny of that will come to Scotland to fund our distinct modern apprenticeship programme,’’ McCaig said to the Prime Minister.

‘‘Will you confirm that Scotland will receive our fair share of this funding or are we seeing another pig and a poke from this supposed one nation government?’’


Scotland will be treated fairly

Cameron replied by stating that no decision had yet been made about the distribution of apprenticeship funds, while at the same time taking a pop at the SNP.

‘‘The guarantee I can give you is that Scotland will be treated fairly and will get its full and fair share.’’

‘‘But as ever with the SNP, they invent a grievance before it even exists.’’