NIACE appoints new head of employment and skills

The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE) has hired Toni Pearce as its new head of employment and skills. Pearce previously served as president of the National Union of Students.

Pearce’s duties will include promoting employment, skills and learning, with a focus on increasing the amount of UK apprenticeships. Pearce will be working alongside the government’s initiative to create 3m apprenticeships by 2020.

The new employment head has a long history of working within the education sector. In 2009 she was elected president of Cornwall College Students’ Union. Pearce then went on to become National Union of Students (NUS) vice-president (Further Education) in 2011 and then president two years later.

While working at the NUS, Pearce headed up the the National Society of Apprentices, as well as campaigning for women’s rights in education and politics, the engagement of young people in democracy and better employment prospects for students and graduates. Pearce hopes to continue this work while at NIACE.

‘‘I’m really excited to be joining NIACE, an organisation which does such important work in supporting people of all ages into and through education, and continues to campaign for the right for all people to have access to great quality and fulfilling education and employment,’’ explained Pearce.

‘‘The Further Education sector has a more important role than ever, and I can’t wait to work with learners, providers and employers to help make education, employment and apprenticeships work better for everyone.’’