Top 5 leftfield apprenticeships that you can apply for

There are so many apprenticeships that you can choose from nowadays, and not all of them are based in an office or require the use of a computer. Take a look at this selection of slightly strange apprenticeships.

1. Trainee crime scene photographer

Photo imaging – Advanced Level Apprenticeship (Level 3)

Delve into the world of forensic photography with this photo imaging apprenticeship. Here you will attempt to reproduce a crime or accident using your photography skills to aid a court case or investigation.

2. Technical illustrator

Design – Intermediate Level (Trainee Technical Illustrator) or Advanced Level Apprenticeship (Levels 2 – 3)

We’ve all heard of graphic design apprenticeships, but this is a little more left field. In this apprenticeship, you can use your artistic gifts to visually communicate information. For example you could one day design the schematic layout for some flat pack furniture – but just make the instructions simple enough for anyone to use….

3. Radio plugger

Music – Advanced Level Apprenticeships (Level 3)

Always harboured a passion for music but didn’t want to go down university road? With a radio plugger apprenticeship you will be mixing Public Relations with a love for all things music.

You will be educated on the most eclectic audio outlets so that one day you can be responsible for getting a band played on the radio. Who knows, one day you could discover the next One Direction, but I guess everyone has a bad day at the office from time to time…

4. Fashion and textiles technician

Fashion and textiles technical – Higher Level Apprenticeship (Level 4)

This apprenticeship is for those dreaming of creating something completely unique within the fashion industry. Here you will uncover the breathability and resistance of fabrics and textiles.

5. Fish Husbandry

Fish husbandry and fisheries management – Intermediate Level Apprenticeship (Level 2)

Sounds a bit fishy, right?

But don’t worry; a fish husbandry apprenticeship doesn’t involve any nuptials. As a fish husbandry apprentice you would take care of and monitor the wellbeing of fish, studying their wellbeing and improving their environment.