Government creates Apprenticeship Advisory Board

The government has confirmed the creation of a new Apprenticeship Advisory Board, which will report to Skills Minister Nick Boles MP, and will work directly with the National Apprenticeship Service to stimulate the uptake of apprenticeships in the UK.

The board will be jointly chaired by David Meller and Richard Harrington MP, the Prime Minister’s Advisor on Apprenticeships.

Richard Harrington MP, joint chairman of the Apprenticeship Delivery Board said:

‘‘The creation of the Apprenticeship Delivery Board is further proof of the incredible commitment that this Government has to apprenticeships, which will give so many more people the opportunity to earn a wage, and gain a valuable qualification and skill that they will have for life.’’

David Meller, Joint Chairman of the Apprenticeship Delivery Board said:

‘‘Through my work as Chair of the National Apprenticeship Ambassadors Network I have seen first-hand just what a difference apprenticeships can make to people’s lives, and how beneficial they can be for employers who gain loyal and skilled staff that add genuine value to their business.’’

‘‘I am delighted to be joining Richard as Joint Chairman of the new Apprenticeship Delivery Board, and supporting the delivery of three million apprenticeships.’’