Apprenticeship levy won’t improve quality of training, warns CBI

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has given its verdict towards the newly announced apprenticeship tax, claiming that ‘‘it’s unlikely to deliver skills that industry needs.’’

According to the CBI’s Education and Skills Survey 2015, higher apprenticeships accounted for just 2 per cent of total apprenticeship starts in 2014. Katja Hall, CBI deputy director-general has given her opinion on George Osborne’s apprenticeship levy.

‘‘The Government has set out its stall to create a high-skilled economy, but firms are facing a skills emergency now, threatening to starve economic growth,’’ stated Katja Hall, CBI deputy director-general.

‘‘The new levy announced in the budget may guarantee funding for more apprenticeships, but it’s unlikely to equate to higher quality or deliver the skills that industry needs.’’

Accordding to the CBI’s report, recent reforms to apprenticeships in England are viewed as very or largely positive (by 81 per cent of those offering an opinion).

There are however, concerns over the future of apprenticeship reforms, with survey participants fearing bureaucracy and red tape (29 per cent), delays in funding reform (25 per cent), the slow pace of reform (23 per cent) and over the inability of the Department of Skills (BIS) to relinquish control (23 per cent).