Scottish county recruits nearly 1700 Modern Apprentices

Skills department Scotland (SDS) has announced that 1674 modern apprentices were hired in South Lanarkshire last year.

The unitary authority is located in the South-east of Scotland, bordering Glasgow. The region has a high population of 16-24 year olds, with 1 in 10 working as a Modern Apprentice.

Hazel Mathieson, head of region for SDS South Lanarkshire states that the region made a major contribution to the Scottish apprenticeship sector last year, where Scotland as a whole gained 25,000 new apprentices.

‘‘It’s a great testament to employers that they have continued to invest in Modern Apprenticeship opportunities right through the economic downturn,’’ commented Mathieson.

‘‘It’s also a great credit to the Modern Apprentices that so many have successfully completed or are on their way to completing their apprenticeship.’’

The top four sectors that Scottish apprentices find themselves working in are construction, sport, health and social care and hospitality.

‘‘Modern Apprenticeships provide young people with opportunities and support the local economy by anchoring skills and jobs in South Lanarkshire.’’