Print SMEs win at apprentice recruitment

According to the Close Brothers Business Barometer, print companies are doing better than other industry sectors at taking on apprentices.

Other industries flying the flag for apprentice recruitment include transport and public sector SMEs (40%).

Of the print firms that hire apprentices, 57% said it gives them access to the best young talent, while 29% say that apprentices improve business productivity.

Managing director of the Print Division at Close Brothers Asset Finance, Basil Bannayi said: “It would seem that print businesses that participate in apprenticeship schemes see clear benefits in doing so, and I would encourage more firms to consider it as a way to grow their workforce and bridge any skills gap they may have.

“It’s particularly relevant for print firms to think about the skills they need to keep up with a rapidly changing industry. While technological developments are a very positive thing, there is inevitably a correlation between evolving technology and the need for a workforce that is qualified to keep up with the latest changes.”