Industry group makes ambitious plans for events apprenticeships

The 9th June marked the inaugural meeting of an industry group chaired by Mark Riches, MD of First Protocol, where it was decided that within a year, the events industry will have its very own apprenticeship.

The group, set up to design the employer-led initiative to suit the sector’s varied needs, was given an overview of the apprenticeship scheme and how it benefits employers.

Attendees were given a two-page draft apprenticeship standard at the meeting, detailing the knowledge, skills and behaviours required from apprentices.

Sarah Wright, director of Sarah Wright Consulting, said: “We want to have the first apprentices in jobs within a year. We’ve been told that’s ambitious, but I’m really excited about bringing new talent into the industry and diversifying the talent pool.”

“There has been significant evidence over the last three years coming out of organisations that bringing apprentices into businesses delivers fantastic benefits, including increased productivity and improved staff morale.

“In addition, the key driver it offers employers is access to a more diverse talent pool, with ex-offenders and talent from less advantaged backgrounds. By adding this recruitment channel it benefits everyone. It’s good for us and it’s good for society.”