7 top tips for balancing work and study

Many young people are put off the idea of an apprenticeship due to concerns about managing the workload.

In reality, it’s completely managable. Check out these top pieces of advice from the apprentices from the Get In Go Far apprenticeship campaign:

  1. Make time to study
    “Set aside some time to study after work. And make sure you give yourself time to relax; when I studied I tried to adopt a 1 day weekend rule – 1 day for study and assignments, one day for whatever I wanted!”

Michelle, BAE Systems

  1. Create lists
    “Staying organised above all. For me I create list in my phone because this helps me keep on track of my work load and to visually see what it is I have to complete for the week. Also the satisfaction of ticking something off always looks good!”

Chelsea, ASOS

  1. Get your priorities straight
    “Prioritise both work and play – what do you need to do in the short, medium and long term and what is optional?”

Ged, IBM

  1. Create a schedule
    “Create a schedule. Ensure you have set aside enough time for work, study and a little bit of fun too!.”

Ziyad, PwC

  1. What are you waiting for? Don’t procrastinate!
    “I go by the rule of ‘No Procrastination’. The longer you leave work the more it builds up which will completely wipe out any balance of studying. When all the work and study is done, you can definitely relax without worrying about deadlines.”

Priscilla, Sky

  1. Make weekends your own
    “Create to-do lists of what you need to achieve that week and make sure you get it done. Absolutely DO NOT touch your emails on the weekend.”

Amber, Google

  1. Stay on top
    “Stay organised and on top of both.”

Imogen, ITV