How to succeed at a telephone interview

Many training providers carry out telephone interviews with potential apprentices to get a feel for their personality before asking them in to the office. They generally want to get an idea about you and what you want to achieve.

Here are some top tips to ensure you don’t flounder on the phone when your time comes.

  1. Stand up straight and gesture with your hands. You wouldn’t slouch in a face-to-face interview, so don’t do it on the phone. It will make you feel more confident and you’ll speak with more assurance.
  2. Choose a quiet place. Don’t speak to them on a bus or in public where you might get distracted.
  3. Don’t talk over the interviewer. Let them know you’re listening by ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ in the right places.
  4. Dress the part! Change out of your pyjamas; if you look the business you’ll feel the business.

Good luck!