Lib Dems pledge to cut youth unemployment

The Liberal Democrats aim to see youth unemployment cut to its lowest levels since records began, deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has announced.

Their Youth Unemployment Action Plan focuses on getting an extra 100,000 young adults into work through on the job training such as an apprenticeship or full-time education. He will also set up a new Youth Unemployment Task-force within the first 100 days of government to fast-track getting young adults back into work.

Nick Clegg said: “I want to cut youth unemployment to its lowest levels since records began, tackling the root cause and opening up new opportunities for young people. We can do this by doubling the number of businesses taking on apprentices, opening up work experience opportunities, transforming careers advice and investing millions into mental health services.

“Youth unemployment was rising long before the financial crash, increasing by a third under Labour. The Conservatives risk making things much harder for young people by stripping them of jobseeker’s allowance and housing benefit. Only the Liberal Democrats have a comprehensive plan to tackle the scourge of youth unemployment.”