What to say during an apprenticeship interview

What does an apprentice employer want to talk about at interview stage? They’ve liked your CV, invited you in for a chat, but how can you stand out above the other candidates?

Here are a few pointers:

  1. Show that you’ve done your research.Research the company and wow them with your knowledge; it will show you actually want to work there and that it’s not just another interview. This also means studying the job spec so you know you are capable of doing the job!
  2. Know your CV and covering letter inside out. Any employment gaps? Qualifications that need explaining? Be ready to answer any questions they fire at you.
  3. Talk about your motivations and discuss how the job fits into your career plan.Why have you applied for the job? What attracts you to the industry? Let the interviewer know how enthusiastic you are about getting the job.
  4. Wow them with your personality.Employers hire people who they think will fit in with the company and other employees, so having a great personality is just as important as what’s on your CV.
  5. Ask questions!The interviewer will almost always ask if you have any questions. Be ready with one or two.