What are the main political parties saying about apprenticeships?

With the election drawing close, the main political parties are making clear their plans for apprenticeships if they win.

Here’s a summary of their policies on the vocational pathway:


  • David Cameron plans to create 16,000 new apprenticeships
  • Promises to create three million ‘training places’
  • Apprenticeships to be high quality – equal to university degrees


  • Labour promises to create 80,000 more apprenticeships
  • 33,000 of these would be part of the High Speed 2 rail line project
  • Every school leaver who ‘gets the grades’ is promised an apprenticeship (2 A-levels)
  • Teens will be given face-to-face careers advice
  • Young people will be steered towards apprenticeships over university

Liberal Democrats

  • Expand apprenticeships and develop national colleges for vocational skills
  • End snobbery around apprenticeships, which he thinks comes from adults, rather than young people.
  • Want to double the two million apprenticeships they created under the coalition