How to get an apprenticeship without any experience

Young people on the hunt for their first job or apprenticeship often face a tricky catch 22 situation; how do you get a job if you don’t have experience, and how to do get experience if you don’t have a job?

If you think outside the box you can impress potential employers in other ways. Here’s how!


  1. Get a hobby! Employers aren’t just looking for skills, qualifications and experience; they like to see you are interesting and get involved with activities you are passionate about.
  1. Demonstrate how much you want to start a career in a certain industry. Perhaps you washed cars at weekends for some extra cash, which made you passionate about the automotive industry. Let them know!
  1. Volunteer! Any type of volunteering looks great on your CV. Jobs related to the field you want to work in will be particularly useful.
  1. Target your applications to each job. Don’t send mass mail outs. Identify the specific skills required and prove your relevant strengths or key personality traits which make you the best candidate.