Top 3 reasons for hiring apprentices

There are many advantages to gain from bringing apprentices into your business.

Apprenticeships now span a massive range of industries, and there is a wealth of information and financial aid out there to help you set up your own scheme.

We have whittled down our top three reasons for hiring apprentices:

  1. A fresh outlook.  Apprentices will spend time on-the-job as well as in training, bringing vibrancy and enthusiasm to the team. Many employers also report a productivity boost. Young people tend to be eager and willing to learn, which rubs off well on the rest of the staff.
  2. Support the wider economy. Combat youth unemployment and skills shortages in certain sectors. Do your bit to secure the future of not only your business, but the sector you work in.
  3. Increased loyalty. The majority of apprenticeships stay with the same employers after finishing their apprenticeships and grow within the company.  Many say this is because of the quality of the training provided and also believe it’s down to apprentices having the ability to learn and grow in the business from the bottom up.