Apprenticeships: the ticket to your dream job

Only 17% of adults end up doing what they dreamed of when they were young, according to new research from the ‘Get In Go Far’ apprenticeships campaign.

However, the growth of apprenticeships in a huge number of sectors could mean that things are different for the next generation. Young people can train to be anything from a Crime Scene Photographer, Commercial Airline Pilot to a Veterinary Nurse.

The Get In. Go Far campaign polled over 2,000 adults aged between 18-65 years and discovered that the most wanted jobs in childhood are:

  1. Sportsperson – 9%
  2. Teacher – 9%
  3. Vet – 8%
  4. Nurse – 7%
  5. Doctor – 5%
  6. Astronaut – 5%
  7. Musician/singer – 4 %
  8. Pilot/cabin crew – 4%
  9. Police – 4%
  10. Actor/dancer – 4%

The great news for young people is that apprenticeships offer opportunities in all the sectors featured in the top ten. What are you waiting for? Discover your dream job through an apprenticeship!