Apprenticeship interview do’s and don’ts (Guest Post)

Check out this recent guest post from BPP Professional Apprenticeships, which shares some really useful information about how to prepare for your apprenticeship interview and make the best impression on the day.

Preparation before you interview

It’s crucial you do you research and preparation before you go to interview, break this down into three areas:

 1. The apprenticeship role

What does the role entail? Why do you want to pursue a career in this area?

The employer is looking for someone who knows the career path that they want to take and has explored the options in order to make an informed decision about becoming an apprentice.

2. The company

Knowing about company is crucial, the size, the product/service, their clients to explain why you want to work for them.

What exactly does the company do? Who are the main clients/customers? What is the history behind the company?

How will you get to the employer’s office and how will you commute there every day?

3. Yourself

Why do you think you are the most suitable candidate for the role?

How you can relate your experience (whether in the workplace or not) to the requirements of the role.

Prepare a number of example answers for popular topics such as:

    • Working as part of a team
    • Working to deadlines
    • Your strengths and weaknesses (often asked as ‘strengths’ and ‘development areas’)
    • Your goals and ambitions

Interview Do’s & Don’ts


  • Plan your route in advance and allow adequate of time
  • Arrive least 10 minutes before your interview
  • Dress smartly (tidy hair, ironed clothes, clean shoes, etc)
  • Turn off your mobile phone
  • Show energy, shake hands firmly and smile
  • Wait until you are offered a chair before sitting
  • Complete all application materials neatly and accurately
  • Remain alert and listen attentively at all times
  • Maintain eye contact as much as possible
  • Make sure your good points come across in a factual and sincere manner
  • Be prepared to discuss what you consider to be your weaknesses, but be able to talk about steps you are taking to improve in these areas
  • Prepare some questions to ask at the end of the interview to gauge whether you would be a good fit for the company and that you want to work for them – this is a two way process after all. (E.g. where the employer sees the role going in the future, any development/training plans they have in place for their staff and examples of how successful previous apprentices have been with this employer)



  • Forget to take your CV
  • Panic or worry about being nervous – employers expect you to be nervous before an interview. We have all been there! Try and relax and use the interview as a two-way process to see whether the role is the right fit for you.  While you want to portray yourself the perfect employee during the interview, the employer will also want to portray themselves as the perfect employer to work for.
  • Answer questions with a simple “yes” or “no”; provide details and expand wherever possible
  • Ask about salary or benefits in your interview – there will be opportunity for this further down the line but this is always provided in the job advertisement so you should be aware of this in advance.