Teach First calls for schools to have trained careers teachers

Teach First has said that all schools in England should have a teacher trained to give high-quality careers advice, to prevent it becoming “patchy and ineffective.”

The charity launched a report ‘Careers education in the classroom,’ alongside a new careers guidance programme for its own recruits. It says teachers should be at the forefront of careers education with the support of policy makers and businesses.

Having a teacher in this role will enable links with employers, businesses and independent careers experts to ensure children know about opportunities after school.

Jude Heaton, Teach First’s director for higher education access and employability, said: “As those best placed to support children with their aspirations and careers choices, teachers are at the core of any lasting solution, yet too often when we talk about the paths in life that are right for young people, teachers are an afterthought. This needs to change.”

Tristram Hunt, Labour’s shadow education secretary, said: “No child should be closed off from the world at the end of their street. But all too often children are being denied the information, advice and guidance that they need to make informed decisions that will shape their futures. This is a really exciting report by Teach First and a first-rate plan of action that puts teachers at the heart of the solution.”