YEUK launches the Youth Friendly Charter

Youth Employment UK CIC launched the Youth Friendly Charter at the AELP 2020 Vision Conference today, which replaces the national Youth Friendly Badge scheme.

The Youth Friendly Charter is free to any organisation in the UK.  It streamlines the process of the Youth Friendly Badge Scheme, removing the formal process and replacing it with a set of aspirational and fundamental principles. This makes it easier for organisations to get involved and aspire to good youth engagement practice.

All organisations who sign up to the Youth Friendly Charter can download the Charter and Youth Friendly Badge for their own use, are listed on our Youth Friendly organisation database that will go live to our young members and will be able to contribute case studies and best practice to be shared within the network of organisations.

Laura-Jane Rawlings Founder and CEO of YEUK said “We have to create more opportunities for young people to develop the skills they need for work and create more opportunities for work.  That ambition of the party leaders is supported by YEUK.  But young people also need quality opportunities and businesses small or large sometimes need support to understand how they can help young people.

“We cannot assume that employers are just going to create these good quality opportunities without some support.  The Youth Friendly Charter is built on our core principles of good youth engagement.  Organisations who sign up to the Charter committing to aspire to these principles will receive further support in understanding how they can be applied within their organisation. 

By committing to the Youth Charter, businesses are growing the next generation AND boosting UK plc. YEUK believes these are the right things to do for young people and business growth.”

Stewart Segal, CEO, AELP, said: We are delighted to support the launch of the Youth Employment UK Youth Friendly Charter.  Most businesses in the UK recognise the role they can play in providing young people opportunities to develop their work skills and to develop their careers.  This makes real business sense and we hope all our providers adopt the charter and encourage as many employers as possible to support this exciting initiative.”

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