What to look for in an apprentice

Hiring apprentices is not quite the same as hiring your average employee. Apprentices tend to be young, perhaps having just left school or college. Therefore it’s unlikely they have much work experience, so you’ll be focusing more on their life experience and personality.

There are a number of key qualities which stand out among successful candidates which you should look for during the recruitment process.

The apprentice should:

  1. Care about the apprenticeship and take full advantage of the opportunity given to them. They should think of the apprenticeship as a great stepping stone in to their future career.
  1. Be punctual and prepared. You want to see from them that they have done their research and are eager to work for your company, not just get on any old apprenticeship.
  1. Show a willingness to learn. Whether the task be big or small, exciting or mundane, the apprentice should show a can-do attitude and be willing to take anything on board.
  1. Commit to the duration of the apprenticeship. In the interview, be sure to ask the apprentice they are willing to commit to the length on the basic apprentice wage. Ask about their home life, travel arrangements and whether they will be supported through the role.
  1. Have a genuine interest in the job role. Apprentices will, of course, gain much more from the experience if they love what they are doing. And you, as an employer, will get much more from them.