UK companies can do more to bridge the digital skills gap

Proversity, a pioneering new UK platform providing online training courses from employers, has responded to the Digital Skills report from the House of Lords Select Committee.

The report highlights the UK’s failure to address its significant digital skills shortage – particularly in certain regions and sectors of society – and notes industry’s vital role in developing the right skills in the workplace.

Carl Dawson, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Proversity said: “Following our meeting with the Select Committee, we support the report’s findings and their call to address the urgent digital skills issue. Everyone in the UK, no matter what their location or background, deserves access to sufficient digital skills education so they can secure a job. UK companies can do more to bridge the digital skills gap. Investing in training for school leavers and graduates will mean they can better contribute to their workforce from day one.

“Apprenticeship schemes are invaluable to up-skill young talent with the necessary industry skills, while a blended approach of tailored online courses provide a flexible and cost-effective solution. They allow multiple candidates to learn from experts within the company as part of the application and whilst in training, from any location on any device, and at less than the cost of a single apprenticeship.”