Optionis seeks government approval to create bespoke qualification for its apprentices

Optionis, a staffing industry services group based in Cheshire, has recently expanded its apprenticeship programme by hiring 30 more trainees, bringing the total number of apprentices working at the company to 75.

To support this expansion, the group is seeking government approval to establish an internal National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) accreditation for its apprentices.

Optionis managing director Derek Kelly said: “We’re at an early stage, but we want the go-ahead to create a bespoke, unique qualification for our apprentices. Because we have so many apprentices, the idea is to create something very relevant and tailored to their needs. If McDonald’s can run its own apprenticeship focused on customer service, why can’t we and other large apprentice employers do the same?”

“The fundamental aim is to give apprentices the best possible training, and equip them with recognised qualifications that will aid their career development. Our apprentices have made an enormous contribution to our business over the past couple of years, injecting creativity and freshness and enabling to maintain service levels amid strong growth. That’s why we’re expanding the scheme.”