Apprenticeships provide the “best of both worlds”

18-year-old Emma Clark from Northolt, decided she didn’t want to go to university but instead get a head start in her IT career by opting for an apprenticeship.

She is currently employed at QA Apprenticeships’ Slough office. She said: “I liked the idea of going to university, learning and trying new things. But I did not like the idea of being in so much debt, I never wanted to get myself into debt. When you come out of university, you have no experience as to how businesses work. Apprenticeships give you experience and also give you an education as well, it’s the best of both worlds.”

“I think apprenticeships are starting to be encouraged a lot more. People are confused and do not know there are other alternatives to university. Apprenticeships are a really good way to learn new skills and help yourself start a career.”  

MP for Slough, Fiona Mactaggart, said: “I have been a strong supporter of local apprenticeships, and I have visited many young apprentices in Slough. I am, however, concerned that too many apprenticeships are short term and some are used to subsidise training for mature employees, which should be the responsibility of employers. It’s time for all young people to have a chance to learn and earn after school, either in higher education or vocational training.”