How will the general election affect apprenticeships?

With recent figures showing a decline of 12% in the number of apprenticeships on offer despite high youth unemployment, the three major political parties are under pressure to form coherent and proactive education policies. Apprenticeship programs could be the golden ticket to a healthy economy.

According to bksb: “For the last 20 years, apprenticeships have played a huge part of the Government’s plans. Gone are the days when [political] parties used to think that the only way to succeed was to study at university and ‘go down the conventional route’. It is now expected that apprenticeships play a fundamental role in education reforms.”

From Labour’s six-point plan to the three million apprenticeships the Conservatives hope to deliver by cutting housing benefit and job seeker’s allowance, the education reforms currently on the table have far-reaching implications for business owners and all UK citizens.

In a new white paper, Apprenticeships: Investing in the future, bksb provides a concise outline of major policies at stake in the upcoming election, enabling apprentice program leaders to prepare regardless of which party emerges victorious. The white paper also covers the basics of running an apprenticeship program, from how apprentices are assessed to what they have to offer employers.

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