The 100 most popular employers as voted for by school students

In the biggest-ever careers survey conducted in English schools, 7,000  students from Years 10-13 voted for the employers they would most like to work for and which universities they would most like to attend.

The 100 most popular employers, and 20 most popular universities have now been announced. This is the first time that school students have been asked to rank employers and the results will be eagerly analysed by the growing number of recruiters who are targeting schools to promote their school leaver programmes and apprenticeships as a real alternative to university.

The results of the survey will be published in a new careers directory The UK’s 100 most popular employers for School Leavers which will be distributed to schools free of charge in March 2015. It’s becoming apparent that employers from all sectors are looking to engage with school students to promote their brand and their opportunities – and GTI Media has responded with a suite of careers products based on expert knowledge and up-to-date information.

Matt Dacey, Head of Products and Services at GTI Media, says: “Recent trendence research into the career plans of Year 10-13 students has shown how early they start to think about their futures. However, to make the best choice of career and employer, students and their parents need the right kind of information and we are delighted to launch The UK’s 100 most popular employers for School Leavers to help them identify the best-matched opportunities and the widest range of recruiters.”

You can see the 100 most popular employers here and the 20 most popular universities here.