4 phrases to avoid at your apprenticeship interview

If you’ve been invited to an apprenticeship interview, something about you must have stood out to your potential employer.

What you say during an interview is crucial and could land you an apprenticeship. However, some phrases are more suitable than others.  Rather than try and ‘wing’ the interview, be mindful of what you say, and take a few seconds to think before responding.

Here are four phrases you should try to avoid:

“I think I can do this job”

This shows a lack of confidence. Trying swapping “I think” for “I believe” as it sounds more self-assured.

Overusing the word “try”

Again, this lacks confidence. You run the risk of sounding self-defeatist.

“To be honest with you”

This could send mixed messages – were you not being honest before?

Too many “we” words

When talking about your past achievements, using “we” too much takes the shine off the work you did independently. Although it’s good to demonstrate teamwork, be sure to highlight personal achievements too.