Employer leadership in skills vital to long term prosperity: report

According to a report from the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES), supported by the CBI and the TUC, urgent action must be taken to improve skill levels and how they are developed in order to boost productivity, wages and social mobility.

The report, ’Growth through people’, calls for employers to lead the way, working with unions and the government, to ensure the UK has the skilled workforce needed to create better jobs and fight off international competition.

The report sets out five priorities for action over the next twenty years:

  1. Employers need to lead the charge. Employers should lead on skills development and government should enable them to do so, by encouraging greater collaboration between businesses, unions and the workforce in regions, sectors and across supply chains
  2. Increased productivity equals career progression. Improving workplace productivity is the route to pay and prosperity including better management, better job design and increased employee engagement
  3. We need more quality ‘earning and learning’ routes like apprenticeships. They should be a normal career pathway for many more young people, and a normal way for businesses to recruit and develop their workforce
  4. Bridge the gap between education and work. Education and employers should be better connected to prepare people for work. Work experience should become an integral part of education for all young people.
  5. Real results, not exam results. Success should be measured by a wide set of outcomes, including jobs and progression, not just qualifications.

David Abraham, Chief Executive of Channel 4 and Chair of the Industrial Partnership for the Creative Industries said: “The Growth Through People strategy highlights the importance of industry-wide collaboration and employer-led partnerships in developing a skilled workforce. I am a passionate advocate of employers investing in training, skills and talent development to ensure the UK’s economy can attract and develop the broadest range of talent.