Apprenticeships: A paradigm shift

When it comes to developing the current and future skills of the UK workforce, the policy focus increasingly seems to be looking to employers to take the lead.

Unsurprisingly the role of technology has been critical in the administration of successful programme delivery and the leading providers of technology into the learning and skills sector are those that are able to innovate at the same pace as the sector evolves, thereby becoming enablers of the reforms and partners of those committed to successful delivery.

While many employers are prepared to embrace this new-found influence and the opportunities it gives them, many other employers, large and small, need advice and support on how to manage these new responsibilities and how to use technology to their advantage. Work-place learning providers also need to explore new ways of collaborating with employers.

A new white paper from training and skills experts, Tribal, looks at the impact on, and opportunities for, employers, employees and independent learning providers as new workforce policies gain momentum and traction.

From identifying approaches and technologies that will help employers create a skills system that matches the routines of the workplace, to exploring the impact of new reforms on funding options, the paper offers a comprehensive guide to anyone involved in the employment and training of apprentices who wants to find out more about exactly what the latest policy reforms in the skills space mean for them.

Download the full whitepaper below to find out more:

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