Bridgwater businesses encouraged to take on digital apprentices

Bridgwater College is encouraging local businesses to take on new social media and digital apprentices as they can help businesses grow their online presence.

Social media is a fast growing advertising and marketing tool that businesses can use. Using Social and digital media can attract and engage current and new potential customers.

IT training advisor, Carla Dixon said: “Social media and digital marketing apprenticeships are an exciting new opportunity for learners to get involved in real-life digital media projects. Employers can address their IT and digital skills gaps by hiring young people as apprentices, who are often full of new and fresh ideas.”

“Apprenticeships are a cheap staffing alternative and are an easy way to recruit. There is a possibility of an ‘AGE’ grant of £1,500 available for small and medium sized businesses, so there’s never been a better time to have an apprentice!”

Former IT apprentice with Bridgwater College said: “My favourite part of the apprenticeship was that you can learn a skill in College and then use it in a real life scenario at work the next day. One of the best feelings from the course is looking back and seeing how much I have learnt since starting the training.”