Careers advice for STEM subjects is lacking: report

A new study carried out by Nestlé UK & Ireland has found that not enough is being done to encourage young people into STEM related careers, despite enthusiasm around the subjects remaining high.

According to the study, almost four out of five 14 to 16-year-olds would consider a career in a science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) related industry, but over half of those surveyed admitted that they knew very little about the type of jobs on offer. STEM teachers also admitted that they didn’t know much about careers within the industry.

Additionally, 62% of UK businesses feel that Britain is facing a worrying skills gap in the industry and 67% said there had been little improvement in the situation over the past five years, with over a third saying the situation had worsened.

Fiona Kendrick, CEO of Nestlé UK & Ireland said: “It is a promising sign that so many young people in the UK are considering pursuing STEM subjects in higher education and as a career. However, there is evidently a breakdown that needs to be addressed, as while young people are interested in STEM subjects at schools, the uptake of careers in these areas is low – with many saying they don’t know enough about the careers that are available. It is essential that businesses play their part and I am delighted to see that more and more companies are engaging with schools and colleges to help highlight the vast and diverse number of rewarding careers on offer.”