Jobs Growth Wales job opportunities target beaten

It has been announced that over 16,000 job opportunities have been created for unemployed young people by Jobs Growth Wales.

Ahead of schedule by 18 months, the programme set up by the welsh government has smashed its target of creating 16,000 jobs opportunities by March 2016.

Figures released by Jobs Growth Wales show that since the scheme began, 12,730 vacancies have been filled and 16,108 job opportunities have been created. The Welsh Government programme provides unemployed young people aged between 16 and 24 with a job opportunity for six months.

Jobs Growth Wales helps employers to grow their business by paying the young person’s salary, with the hope they will be offered sustained employment after six months.

Statistics also show that eight out of ten Job Growth Wales opportunities have been taken up in the private sector. After the six month programme, 83% of participants progress into sustained employment, an apprenticeship or further learning.

Deputy Minister for Skill & Technology, Julie James said: “These figures show the Welsh Government’s commitment to providing practical support to unemployed, young people. I’m very pleased that we’ve met our target for creating these opportunities so soon. It’s no coincidence that recent figures have shown a drop in Welsh youth unemployment.”

“Jobs Growth Wales is playing an important role in helping our young people start a range of exciting careers. I’m very encouraged that so many private sector employers recognise how they can benefit by taking on employees aged between 16 and 24. Many young people finishing their six month’s opportunity with a private sector employer go on to a full-time job or apprenticeship with them.”