Young people unaware of apprenticeships in high-skilled sectors: report

According to new research from Aon, enthusiasm surrounding apprenticeships is high but young people are unaware of their availability in high-skilled professions.

Of the 1,000 16-19-year-olds surveyed, 45% said they would like to pursue a career in the finance industry, but awareness of apprenticeships within the sector ranked very low, with 55% not knowing about accountancy apprenticeships and 60% not knowing about insurance apprenticeships.

Awareness of apprenticeships was highest in manual and service industry trades such a construction and hairdressing.

Dominic Christian, CEO of Aon UK said: “As a global firm committed to growing the number of apprenticeships worldwide, we are encouraged to see increasing acknowledgment among young people of the great careers opportunities an apprenticeship offers. We want apprentices to truly represent today’s economy. The challenge now is to ensure those advising young people are aware of the contemporary opportunities available. We will continue to work with our industry partners and other critical stakeholders to build awareness of how apprenticeships can help meet the needs of British industry and produce the next generation of UK talent.”