Employers prefer experience to education, poll reveals

New research from the latest Close Brothers Business Barometer has found that 63% of UK SME owners feel that the value of degrees is declining, while a third believe that practical experience is the most important thing on an applicant’s CV.

The survey found that more than two fifths of directors see degrees as so commonplace that they are starting to lose their meaning. A similar number said that they did not see a degree as at all important when deciding who to hire.

David Thomson, CEO of Close Brothers Invoice Finance, said: “It may not come as a surprise to some that so many employers think that a university education is becoming less valuable.

These statistics seem to suggest that many employers are beginning to give greater recognition to practical, hands on experience, arguably ahead of academic achievement.”

Of course, it depends on your chosen career, but the skills potential employers are looking for can be developed in many ways. It’s time for young people to think differently about their career path.”