Webinar launch for London’s Apprenticeship Staff Support Programme

The partnership steering the London Apprenticeship Staff Support Programme used a recent AELP webinar to showcase the resources it is developing to help providers train their staff and boost the number of apprenticeships in the capital.

Over 100 delegates including FE colleges and apprenticeship providers took part in the interactive webinar Developing staff to achieve the best outcome for learners’ hosted by Paul Warner Director of Employment and Skills at AELP. The webinar introduced the Apprenticeship Staff Support Programme overall and looked in more detail at two projects.

Diana Sterck, Chief Executive of Merton Chamber of Commerce, said: “We were delighted to be part of this successful AELP webinar which was a key part of the dissemination strategy for the Apprenticeship Staff Support Programme as a whole. This was a great opportunity to get feedback on the on-line toolkit we are developing for providers.  This October we are also hosting four free workshops for London providers in which we will share best practice and take providers through the toolkit and the expert support we are offering.”

Click here to register for the London ASSP workshops.