Ofsted to grade apprenticeship training providers under new plans

Under a new inspection overhaul, Ofsted will grade colleges and training providers on their apprenticeships, traineeships and adult-learning programmes.

The watchdog is considering separate grades for different areas of FE provision in a bid to help employers to make informed decisions about which providers to work with.

Lorna Fitzjohn, Ofsted’s national director for learning and skills, said: “I think that it’s absolutely vital that we highlight within these institutions what exactly the provision for apprenticeships is like there. Not only for learners, not only for young people to choose where they go as part of their apprenticeship, but also employers.

“Much of this apprenticeship funding, as we all know, will be going through employers in the near future…and they will be choosing where their apprentices go to do their training, so I think it’s vital that we’re absolutely clear what the quality of that provision is like.”