Lewisham Homes welcomes new apprentices and trainees

Lewisham Homes has welcomed eight new apprentices and five graduate trainees in a bid to give young people the chance to learn new skills and take the first steps in their careers.

The new recruits will work across a range of vocations including housing, finance, administration, community engagement, and customer services.

Ishmael Campbell trained as an apprentice with the customer relations team and now works full time at the company. He said: “It’s such a good opportunity, getting on an apprenticeship. And you get rewarded for what you do at Lewisham Homes. I worked hard and in the end that paid off and I find myself in a permanent job. What more could you ask for from an apprenticeship?”

Marco Giacomini, training and employee engagement manager at Lewisham Homes, said: “At a time when over one million young people are not in education, employment or training, we give them opportunities to carve out great careers with us. By creating opportunity we’re strengthening our organisation and contributing to the future of the Lewisham borough.”