FE Careers revamps website to meet needs of mobile visitors

FE Careers has launched a new job advertising site to celebrate its eleventh anniversary which boasts a series of sector-first job advertising tools such as the ability to add video adverts into job listings, and one click social share for vacancies.

The new mobile recruitment platform has been designed to take into account the increase of visitors accessing the site through mobile phones. Visitors will be given the choice of whether to use a streamlined mobile version for speed or to use the responsive design full version of the site.

Gavin O’Meara, head of digital and chief executive of FE Careers said: “Online job advertising has changed dramatically in the past 11 years. Back in 2003 we had to explain to people why advertising online was a good idea. The digital world is now an integral part of everyone’s lives and with this comes so much more choice for our customers. In the FE sector prior to 2003, the choice to advertise a vacancy or find a new job was really quite limited to looking in a newspaper with a limited shelf life, or through word of mouth. In a way it seems like a completely different world now.

“The majority of our advertisers and candidates love to socialise on different platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. We wanted to make it really easy to share jobs with a one click system to enable vacancies to be engaged across a multiplatform environment. We are in 2014, not 2003, visitors engage with you through numerous channels.”